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Check out the new Dhoom

Posted by remlinux on November 6, 2006

Check out the new Dhoom

Summer may have left us, but this year’s hottest action spectacular is coming up in November.
Here are some stills from Dhoom:2.

John Abraham was the bad guy last time around, but the sequel sees Hrithik Roshan step in.
With Aishwarya Rai as his partner in crime!

Hrithik plays international supercriminal, Mr A.
The mysterious character is well known for pulling off impossible heists, across the world. That, and he’s a complete ladykiller.

And Abhishek Bachchan reprises his role as no-nonsense cop, Jai Dixit.
Jai’s ready to fight crime, not just criminals. But the elusive Mr A seems like his greatest challenge yet…

Don’t call her ‘babe’. Bipasha Basu plays the stunning Shonali Bose, a ravishing seductress who just happens to be a top cop. A sharpshooter, she believes in shooting down any criminal in her sights. Nothing personal.

Aishwarya Rai is Sunehri, the girl who lives in the moment. Seizing life by the horns, she throws caution to the winds. But nothing’s going to be the same after Mr A walks into her world.

What can be said about Ali? Uday Chopra reprises his role as the incorrigible lout with an eye for candy — all the time. So he’s a cop now, and Jai constantly shouts him down, but Ali is, well, Ali.

The story is set in the world’s oldest desert, the Namib. There is a solitary railway line, with a royal family on a journey. But then, there’s a flash as the robber strikes, and the ancient Royal Crown is stolen!

Jai and his loyal buddies are all out to nab the thieves, in a high-stakes chase that spans the world from Namibia to Goa, Rajasthan to Brazil. It’s no holds barred in this thrilling game of cat-and-mouse.

It promises to be the megabudget adventure of the year. Catch Dhoom:2 as it hits theatres November 24.

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